God's Word for the Children Christmas story page It has been 17 fantastic years since God allowed us to begin God’s Word for the World! Time seems to have flown by. We are still a small ministry but friends have stepped up and have given so generously that we have been able to distribute over 200,000 Bibles and New Testaments and over 100,000 Comic Book Bibles all over the world. These Bibles and books have been translated into 15 different languages.

We have been privileged to work with TransWorld Ministries in planting over 200 Churches and helping build many of their Church buildings. We are presently supporting over 600 Orphans in Ministries in Uganda, India, Nepal and Burundi, and are supporting 7 Pastors and Missionaries and nearly 1,000 Students studying in Bible Colleges and Bible Institutes. We have helped start 18 Bible Institutes, have helped build Schools in 3 countries and have worked with 2 Ministries dedicated to freeing women and children from slavery.

God's Word for the Children cover Now after 17 years we are replacing the Comic Book Bible with God’s Word for the Children in pictures, a larger pictorial Bible written by Dr. Joseph Paturi and myself. Published two years ago, this revised edition will help us reach children for Christ in their own languages.

We are asking the Lord to bless this book and use it extensively in Two-Thirds World countries. Since our very beginning, I have believed and acted upon this principle: “If we can get a good Children’s Bible into the hands of millions of children in their own languages, before they encounter false religions and atheism, and back it up with much prayer, God could literally change entire nations!”

I believe God’s Word for the Children is now that book!

Written especially for children, this 310 page full-color book contains 52 true-to-the-Bible stories with an emphasis on God’s Plan of Redemption that runs all through the Bible and is meant to reach all the peoples of the world. There is a Think About This page and a Memory Verse at the end of each of the 52 stories.

Please consider asking the Lord if you should be involved in this outreach.

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We have an infrastructure of Ministries and contacts for distribution in many different countries but we could use more. We also need more donors to provide funds for translating, printing and shipping. We would love to see New Partners who could help ‘carry the load’ in areas where the Ministries and people have few resources, and in areas where their Ministry may already serve.

If you, your Ministry, or your Business, would be interested in partnering with us, we would love to talk.

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Email address: Lance@Godswordfortheworld.com

Phone number: 513-793-WORD (9673)