Ministry Update

October 2014

God's Word for the World is a small ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio, organized for the purpose of supplying Scriptures to people in all parts of the world in their own language, that is, their heart language, especially to the children in hard-to-reach areas.

We also work in other spheres, such as planting Churches, building Church buildings, supporting and training Pastors, and helping care for Orphans through Sponsorship. But supplying regular Bibles and Bibles for Children through our Indigenous Partners remains the center of the ministry.

Over ten years ago, God gave me a vision regarding the Comic Book Bible. He impressed this thought in my mind:

If we could get the Comic Book Bible into the hands of millions of children in their own language, before they encounter false religions and atheism, entire nations could be changed!

  • Oriya Comic Book Bible translation

    Pictured: Oriya translation

In the West, the Comic Book Bible is sold in Christian Book Stores and is loved by children. Any church could profit by giving these books to their children. But there are so many other attractions that it soon becomes just another book lying around.

But in the Two-Thirds World of developing countries, the Comic Book Bible takes on a totally different importance altogether. It becomes a doorway for children to a host of Bible characters and to Jesus.

It breaks down walls of resistance and opens up a whole new world for children who have little, if any, high-tech toys and devices. Children read the Comic Book Bible in their own language and begin to ask questions and seek to learn more about Jesus. This was what God showed me years ago and recently we have begun to see it happen.

Dear Mrs. Nancy,
Thank you for the Comic Book Bible. I like it a lot. I received it at 3:30 and its 10 till 5 and I am on page 195. I really like reading the Bible in Comic form.


The Hindi language is spoken by more people in India than there are people in the United States and there are nearly 170 million children under the age of 15. We would like to print and distribute as many Comic Book Bibles in Hindi as possible. We have a tremendous God, a powerful Savior, and live among many generous Christians who we believe want to do all they can to demonstrate the love that Jesus passed on to us.

We can print and distribute a Comic Book Bible in India for one dollar and fifty cents! Think of it — for every $1.50 you give to this project, a book can be placed into the hands of a precious child in South Asia. And since every book will usually be viewed by at least 10 persons, you will be introducing around 10 children to God’s Word and giving them the opportunity to learn of Jesus’ love for them!

Please, go to the Give Page, give your most generous gift to get these books into the hands of the children in South Asia. Thank you.

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