image-left Dr. Joseph Paturi is a native of Hyderabad, India, and recently retired as President of a Bible College in order to pursue his first love of Missions, especially to his homeland. He is now the President of a very active ministry, TransWorld Ministries.

God’s Word for the World has worked with Dr. Paturi for over 16 years now, distributing Bibles, printing and distributing Comic Book Bibles, planting Churches, constructing Church buildings, starting Bible Institutes, training Pastors, starting and maintaining orphanages and sponsoring children. And now we are working together to write, print, and distribute God’s Word for the Children.

image-right Johan Gous was an Electrical Engineer in South Africa when God called him through Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors, to help serve the persecuted Church. Later, he founded Hope Builders Ministries. This ministry has planted well over 6,000 churches in Sub-Saharan Africa and is training 6,400 Pastors at this time. They have given 25,000 of our Comic Book Bibles to children in 7 countries in Africa who have completed their discipleship program.

Johan and Hope Builders Ministries focus on addressing the most pressing needs of the church in Africa, namely, the training of Indigenous leaders. As a part of encouraging local pastors and churches, Johan has led 15 short-term mission trips to several African countries, introducing over 300 Americans to the ministry work.

image-left Vernon Brewer, President of World Help, was the first graduate of Liberty University in Virginia. World Help has done and continues to do a fantastic job around the world for our Lord, feeding over 300,000 children every day. They have planted over 80,000 Churches and have touched 64 different countries, sponsoring children, supplying Bibles and humanitarian aid and providing clean water.

God’s Word for the World has partnered with World Help since our beginning.

Wade Thomas served as the Founder and Pastor of Jesus Over the Rhine Ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is now a licensed chemical dependency counselor at St. Elizabeth-Florence Hospital. Wade has had a special love for those addicted to alcohol and drugs since he and his wife Ruth were saved out of that lifestyle many years ago. He is well qualified to oversee the establishment of a complete ministry to and for the addicted in the Cincinnati area. We are praying that the resources will become available for Wade to begin this great work.

image-right General Slava Borisov was the Deputy Chief Commander of the Soviet Union’s 100,000 combat troops in their war with Afghanistan. The Lord brought him to the foot of the cross when his helicopter was shot down. Since the General made that decision for Christ, he has led over 25 generals and admirals to faith in Jesus and has supplied nearly 4 million New Testaments to the Russian military. He is now also a Pastor and helps serve the homeless in Moscow, Russia.

It is our privilege to partner with this man of God and help him in his quest to supply Scriptures to every Russian soldier. You can learn more about the General and his ministry by going to the website of our partner American International Ministries.

image-left Bishop Simeon Nzishura has planted over 42 churches in his native country of Burundi, located in central Africa. He has also recruited the Pastors, trained them and supports them. The country of Burundi is wide open to the Gospel and they are begging for Bibles. We would like to start a Bible Institute in Burundi and supply them with many Bibles as soon as the funds become available.