… these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name. John 20:31 (NIV84)

LifeGivers is God’s Word for the World’s Sustaining Partnership program. For most of us, our greatest Kingdom impact comes from the monthly faithfulness of our Partners. When you become an electronic LifeGiver, you are effectively co-laboring to bring the Word of Life to people groups all over the world, by saving overhead, helping leadership plan more effectively and focusing on ministry, not fundraising.

LifeGivers is a financial stewardship program that allows supporters to be ongoing partners in ministry with God’s Word for the World. By providing consistent financial support, we are able to focus on the important details of ministry instead of being distracted by financial concerns.

This choice is yours—they all provide financial stability for God’s Word for the World and free the ministry up to complete God’s mission without the distraction of additional fundraisers to cover monthly bills. Credit card companies will deduct up to 4% of each credit card gift, so you may prefer to utilize checking or savings options to maximize your gift’s benefit to the ministry.

Absolutely. You are in complete control of your gift, and you can alter the amount at any time simply by contacting us. The amount can be reduced or suspended at any time.

Yes. God’s Word for the World is well aware of identity theft concerns. Your personal information is securely maintained by eGiving who follow PCI-DSS certified compliance. More information can be found at eGiving’s FAQ Page

In order to best utilize your partnership gift and to reduce administrative costs, you will receive an electronic notification acknowledgement of each gift, and a year-end giving statement in January.

Go to the Give page on our website, click on LifeGivers and follow the instructions there. One of the categories listed is LifeGivers. You may also contact us at God’s Word for the World, P.O. Box 42402, Cincinnati, OH 45242-2402 and ask for a Monthly Transfer Authorization Form, which we will send to you.