Thank you for your generous support!

Provide Bibles

Help give Bibles to Christians around the world in their own heart language.

Partner with us.

With the arrangement God's World for the World has with our printers in South Asia, you can provide complete Bibles to the people of India in their own heart language, for $3.00 each. There are 22 official languages spoken by the Indian people.

God's Word for the Children

Your gift will help translate this into many languages around the world; touching as many children, and adults, as possible.

Partner with us.

This book is different from most other Children’s Bible Story books. Rather than just compiling a collection of random Bible stories, we have made a serious attempt to show God’s unfolding Plan of Redemption throughout the entire Bible.


But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. John 20:31

Give life.

LifeGivers is God's Word for the World's Sustaining Partnership program. For most of us, our greatest Kingdom impact is from monthly faithfulness. When you become an electronic LifeGiver, you are effectively co-laboring to bring the Word of Life to people groups all over the world, by saving overhead, helping leadership plan more effectively and focusing on ministry, not fundraising.

Sponsor a Church

Each gift of $2,500 will help a group of Indigenous Christians build a church building.

Change lives.

In many Third World countries, churches are planted when a church sends out an evangelist to other villages and people come to Christ. A building is then constructed and a church is planted and begins to grow. With the Christians there supplying the plans, labor, and many materials, only $2,500 from us will build a building that can be used for worship, a community meeting house and eventually a Bible Institute to train pastors and leaders.

Sponsor a Child

Help care for a child at one of our Children's Homes in South Asia and Uganda.

Share love.

The orphans being sponsored in the Indian subcontinent by friends of God's World for the World are being cared for in a way that many think is the best way. 15 children are all living with a pastor and his wife, preserving the family relationship and assuring the children of a Christ-centered educational environment.

You can help change lives by sponsoring one or more of these children for only $20 a month, or $240 for a year. This is an ongoing commitment and relationship. You will be thrilled to follow their progress as they grow.