It is our desire to supply Bibles to everyone in the world in their own heart language. We started by supplying Bibles for children in Cincinnati, Ohio, and now have expanded worldwide.

We are partnering with Ministries in the United States and overseas that are already working effectively with National and Indigenous peoples. We are working with these ministries, doing whatever is necessary to get the Bibles to their people. Usually we supply the funds for them.

There are groups doing this and they are getting the Scriptures to many people. We too, send, Bibles and Comic Book Bibles occasionally, especially if they are printed in English. But we have found that it is usually more cost effective, and more acceptable in the minds of the Indigenous peoples and ministries with whom we work, to let them make the choice. Many times they would prefer to purchase them themselves.

There are some other advantages too, like giving jobs to the Nationals, avoiding the western religion accusation and working with Christians who know and live in the same culture. We try to print and distribute Bibles overseas working with Christian printers and ministries.


The Ministries we partner with have guidelines that they have worked out over the years. They know their people and require regular reports. The final results are in the Lord’s hands. Isaiah 55:11 assures us that, if we get His Word out to the people, He will get the results He desires.

How we wish this was true! First of all, today’s world is more accurately described by the terms nations, tribes, people groups, and languages than the word country (Revelation 7:9). According to Operation World, there are 6,909 languages in the world and only 662 have adequate Scriptures! The Joshua Project lists 16,656 distinct People Groups with 6,938 of these groups, totaling 2.88 billion individuals, being Unreached, that is, they have never even heard the Gospel, and of course, have never seen a Bible! Add to this the repressive governments that have restricted the Word of God and you begin to see the proper picture.

When we began distributing Scriptures overseas, we were immediately faced with human situations that broke our hearts and impressed upon us very strongly that we, and the Ministries with which we were working, needed to address some real problems if we were going to be accepted by the people we were serving. Consequently, as finances and opportunities have allowed, we are planting Churches, helping the poor, sponsoring orphans, helping train Pastors, and doing whatever we can to fulfill Christ’s Great Commandment and His Great Commission. (Matthew 22:37-40 and 28:18-20).

You can make a tremendous difference! This ministry is only a pipeline, a way that God, who owns everything including our finances, can involve us in His world-wide program. The greatest need in the world is salvation, found only in the Christ of the Bible. There are two things needed to get this great job done: prayers and resources. YOU can supply both!