This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations… Matthew 24:14 (NKJV)


The plan for God’s Word for the World was placed in my heart by the same Christ who saved me on July 20, 1960. I have pastored 4 churches in Ohio, Indiana and Texas. The Lord gave me a passion for supplying Bibles to others while I was working with Rev. Floyd Lewis in a small church in Houston, Texas. I have continued to work with and assist Missionaries and Indigenous Pastors in several different countries, including Unreached Areas of the globe.

My wife Nancy and I started God’s Word For Our Cities as a ministry to give Comic Book Bibles to children in 1999 and were granted 501 (c) (3) status in April of 2000. Later, when God led us to enlarge the scope of the Ministry, we changed the name to God’s Word for the World. With the help of many friends, and the cooperation of our Partners, God has allowed us to supply over 100,000 Comic Book Bibles in 5 languages and over 200,000 regular Bibles in 12 languages so far.

To help accomplish the Mission, God’s Word for the World does not intend to reinvent the wheel. We plan to rely upon God in two main areas and leave the results to Him.


First, we believe that prayer is communicating with God and becoming what He wants us to be. We believe in the many Scriptural admonitions to pray and the many examples of prayer, and believe that nothing of eternal value is ever achieved without earnest, sincere, believing prayer by God’s people. See Daniel 8:3-19; Matthew 6:9-15, and Mark 1:35.

To this end we send out a monthly Prayer Calendar. We try to include opportunities to pray for individuals, ministries and even countries in a specific way, taking advantage of the many contacts we have and mailings and e-mails we receive that request prayer and that most of you who receive our calendar would probably never know about. If you would like to receive the Prayer Calendar, we can send it via E-mail or regular mail.


Secondly, we will be working with and through ministries that have in the past and are currently showing that the Lord’s blessing is upon their efforts. God’s Word for the World is partnering with some outstanding ministries headquartered both in the United States and overseas.

Most of these Ministries have planted Churches and supplied Pastors and Christians with Bibles in their native languages for years and have done so very effectively. They also report regularly that one of their greatest needs is more Bibles. There are just not enough to go around.

Some of the Ministries are working with people, trying to supply the basic needs of life, such as clean water and places for orphans and children to live safely. Some of these Partners are training Pastors and supplying resources for Ministries such as ours.

God’s Word for the World is attempting to help fill the famine of God’s Word by informing Churches and Christians in America and the West of the extreme need for Bibles and challenging them to give cheerfully so God’s Word can be given to their brothers and sisters in Turkey, in China, in Africa, in Russia, in South Asia, in the United States and around the unreached world.